How can you warm your garage up?

Garages tend to be much colder in winter than the rest of your home due to insufficient heating and if you use your garage as a workshop this can mean you only make use of your garage in warmer weather conditions but you should consider adding a heating source to your garage if there is not already one. Ideally, if you can extend your home’s main heating source to your garage then this will be a great way to keep your garage warm all year round.

if you cannot supply your garage with the main heating source then there are other things you can do to warm your garage up.

1. Insulate walls and door – this is the most cost-effective way to warm your garage up.

2. Electric heating – the easiest way to warm your garage up is to use electric heating. A convector heater will heat everything in close proximity whilst an oil-filled radiator will maintain a lower but more widespread heat. Electric heating generally is quite expensive so you will need to factor this in and only use it when required.

3. Weatherstrips – even just a slight drought can make your garage feel considerably cooler, so either replace or add new weatherstrips.

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