Garage Floor Upgrade Options

Is your garage floor unsightly? Two ways to upgrade the flooring of your garage from the standard concrete slab, to a more functional and attractive option, are using coatings or coverings. Coating options include paint or epoxy and covering options are usually tiles or mats.

Paint and Epoxy will adhere to the concrete slab and typically used when there is no cracks or repair work needed on the concrete. The main difference between the two are from a chemical and performance standpoint.

-True epoxy (not to be confused as epoxy paint) gives a more durable and long-lasting finish.

-Concrete floor paint can give your garage floor new life and is designed to be durable and resistant to damage from solvents, salts and other caustic materials.

Tiles and mats (specifically designed for garages) are materials that are set on top of the garage floor, can be used when the concrete is cracked/hard to repair and can be moved or removed when necessary.

-The type of floor tiles typically used in garages are interlocking rigid or semi-rigid plastic, rubber or wood composite. These tend to be more durable than vinyl floor tiles that are more commonly used in other living spaces.

-The easier method for covering a garage floor is the roll out mats, typically made from rubber or polyvinyl plastic. There is a variety of these and they are typically easy to clean and resilient.

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