Garage conversion ideas

Garages absolutely do not need to be used just for there original purpose of storing cars and in recent years we are seeing more and more garage conversion ideas. Whether you want to convert your garage in to another room as part of your home or you want a new garage built for the sole purpose of having an extra room.

We have come up with a list of great ideas for your garage conversion.

1. Integrate your garage so that its part of your homes main living space. You can use it as a living space or even a kitchen extension.

2. Home office – you can easily turn a garage into a large home office space with lots of storage

3. Gym – you could convert your garage into an indoor gym

4. Think about adding levels to your garage – you could raise the height and add a new floor giving you optimal extra space

5. Can’t go up? Go out. Think about converting to a double extension to maximise space and value to your home.

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