What does your garage door colour say about you?

The colour of your garage door can really change the aesthetic of your home so it can be a difficult decision to make. Whether you have chosen to go for a vibrant red or a slick black garage door colour the choice you have picked can say a lot about your personality. We have compiled a shortlist of the more popular colour choices and what each colour could represent your personality.

Grey – grey is a colour that can easily blend into the background. Its also associated with having a strong business minded personality.

White – white Is one of the most popular colour choices for garage doors and can signify that you are a clean and tidy character who likes the simple things in life.

Black – black garage doors are modern and elegant just like their owners. Black garage doors are easier to keep clean so could signify that you are forward-thinking.

Red – a red garage door tends to mean you are outgoing, impulsive and confident.

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