Which Garage Door Type is Best for Insulation?

If you have a garage conversion or garage that is attached to your home, one important thing that can greatly reduce energy bills, is having a garage door that is well insulated. If you are considering buying a new insulated garage door or insulating the garage door yourself, it will be good to know, which garage door types are the best for insulation.

When it comes to roller garage doors, due to their operation, it is nearly impossible to have one that will be able to provide good insulation as they are very limited in the thickness they can have. Up and over garage doors are also not one of the best for insulation, primarily because, with the way they open, the entire door panel needs to move through the sub frame to open, which means there will be a gap all around the perimeter.

Side-hinged doors, especially timber ones, can provide a nice tight fit that can provide some decent insulation. However, the best garage door type will typically be the sectional garage door. They also typically can seal quite well. If you have a sectional garage door that is not insulated. It is possible to even purchase an insulation kit and put them on yourself.

If you are looking for the best garage door type for insulation, your best bet, is a sectional garage door.