Steel vs. Wood Garage Door

Garage doors can come in many different styles, types and materials. When choosing the material of your next garage door it can be difficult to choose between two of the most common materials, wood or steel. They both have their pros and cons so here are a few things to consider. When it comes to insulation, a wooden door will be better than a uninsulated steel door, however, if the steel is insulated, it will be better than wood.

Wood doors tend to have greater aesthetic appeal and give a more classic beauty that can raise property value. However, wood doors will require more upkeep than a steel door, such as a refinishing every few years. Steel doors are often coated in a polyester finish that prevents rusting, for those that may feel this could be a concern. The quality of the steel is also a consideration, if you are wanting a reliable, long-lasting, low-maintenance garage door.

The choice mainly comes down to what is most important for the home owner, curb appeal or longevity.