Renovating an old garage?

A garage does more than just protect your car from the elements. It’s usually a storage area for bulky or out-of-season items too. Tackling renovating a garage can be a big task, but with a little time and work, it could be an extension of your home. 

The first thing you’re going to do is have a clear-out. Start by emptying out the garage and deciding what is to be kept, donated or binned. Then as you put things back, organise them into boxes/crates and onto shelving/racking. You might be surprised how much room you actually have. You might also want to install a heater. No one wants to be in a freezing cold garage. You’ll want to check the garage is properly insulated beforehand, though. 

You’ll want to clean and refresh the garage floor if it’s an old garage. With some attention, it could look as good as new. 

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