Where to Begin with a Garage Conversion

A garage conversion is a big project – there’s no hiding from this fact. It’s reassuring to know where to start when taking on a project on such a large scale, so you can really get to grips with the timings and what to expect from it. Here is a brief guide to getting started with your conversion project:

  • Put some real thought into how you will use your garage. Come up with ideas, so you know the project will be worth the time and money.
  • Consult with an architect. They will tell you if your garage is structurally sound, and whether you can achieve your ambitions with the space. They can then make drawings to detail the conversion project.
  • Obtain planning permission. Your architect will be able to help you whilst going through this process.
  • Enlist a conversion or renovation company. They will carry out the building work, as per your architect’s drawings.