What Could Be Causing a Damp Garage?

One issue many homeowners face is a garage that that leaks or experiences condensation. It is incredibly important to figure out the cause of any moisture and get it remedied as quickly as possible to protect the contents of your garage. No one wants their belongings ruined by mould.

Rising dampness

This type of moisture usually appears on the lower parts of the walls or floors and is due to water rising from the ground. Most newer properties have a water-proof barrier and membrane under the flooring to stop this from happening, so if this is happening, it is possible that this layer could be damaged. In older homes, it may not have sufficient waterproofing on the floor so you can consider calling a professional to assess the best options.

Penetrating dampness

This form of dampness can happen in any part of the garage and is typically due to waterproofing damage in that particular area of the garage. This could be due to damaged guttering, missing tiles or bricks losing their waterproof coating. Corners and joints are common problem areas for this occurrence. Finding and fixing the weakness, should solve the problem.


Another way in which moisture may be present is condensation and is typically prevalent in environments that are not properly ventilated. Installing an extractor fan or regularly airing out your garage could significantly reduce the amount of dampness you experience.

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