Selecting the Right Type of Door for your Garage

The garage door is an essential component of your garage and you will need to choose the correct type in order to get the most out of your space. There are four main types of garaggoal-49610_1280e door, all of which come with their own distinct benefits. Here is a quick guide to the different kinds of garage door that are on the market:

Up and Over Garage Doors

This is by far the most cheap and cheerful design you will find. The main benefits are the low cost and the fact that it is easy to install – many people will be able to do this them256px-garage_door_sliding_upselves. You will also be able to get some very attractive options in timber and white, as these are very popular colours for these kinds of doors.

Sectional Garage Doors

These doors are made up of a number of panels and open horizontally to save space. They will be much more expensive than an up and over design but the benefits are manifold. You will be able to enjoy added security and incredibly good insulation if you choose one of these doors, as well as electric opening for added convenience.

Roller Garage Doorsoak_sectional_garage_door_with_wireless_remote_control_opening

You can get these doors to fit into even the most awkwardly-sized space, as they are usually made to order. The design features a roller that can be operated manually or electrically. Again, this is a very efficient space-saving option due to the vertical opening.

Side Hinged Garage Doors

For people seeking out the beautiful, traditional look, this garage door is for you. Often selected in wooden designs, these doors open outwards like a barn door. These are ideal for people who are using their garage to store items, or for people who use the garage as an extra part of their home.

As yougarage-door-553458_1280 can see, each garage door type comes with its own advantages. Select the one that most matches your needs and you will soon be enjoying all the benefits of a brand new garage door.