Epoxy as a garage flooring option

So, you have decided to re-do your garage flooring, but there as so many options to choose from. Tiles, epoxy or concrete are all options that are available to you, but you just don’t know which one to choose.

Whether you store your car there or not, your garage flooring has to be tough enough to withstand heavy foot traffic, as it is often open to the elements or dramatic temperature shifts. This is why epoxy flooring may be the right option for you.

Garage floor epoxy is one of the most resilient and dependable methods of safeguarding your garage flooring. An epoxy coating will safeguard against harsh chemicals, car fluids, and any other substance that might erode your garage flooring.

Garage floor epoxy comes in many different colour options. A pigment is added to the epoxy before its poured, meaning you can have a wonderfully colourful floor in what is usually a dull area.

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