A Premium Garage Door for your Home

Have you installed a new driveway recently? Have you updated the outside of your home, like your doors and windows? Have you planted flowers in your front garden to make sure you home looks beautiful? If you take pride in the appearance of your home, then you will need to consider how a garage door is going to affect this as well. It can make or break the way that a home looks, either bringing it down and making it look cheap, or enhancing the exterior of your home and making it look more premium. Wooden garage doors offer you one of the best way of creating that sought-after, premium look, by offering you a garage door made of a beautiful, high-quality material that will suit any setting.

So how much does your garage door actually matter? Some people might think it’s unimportant, simply functional, something that won’t be particularly noticed on their home. Think about the last time you noticed a garage door on someone else’s home. Was it for the right or the wrong reasons? So often, we notice garage doors because they are old and worn, and are starting to age the rest of the property along with them. Worryingly, this might also be noticed by a burglar or someone who would see an old, weak door as an easy way to get into the garage. You don’t want your garage door to be attracting attention for all the wrong reasons.

What you might well find is that once you notice garage doors for the right reasons, you begin noticing them all the time. This is when it pays to have a premium door that is worth every penny, because it is a valuable feature of your home. If you notice doors for the right reasons, then other people will as well. They will notice when you have a new garage door installed, and they will notice how much it complements the rest of your home.

Finding your perfect premium garage door

Premium could refer to the functionality of a garage door, but it is probably largely to do with appearance as well. A premium door will look beautiful and will be made from a high quality material where the quality really shows. This is where premium and timber go hand in hand. Wooden garage doors are a cut above those made from cheaper materials, offering you everything you could possibly want for the outside of your home. Wood is going to last a long time thanks to the quality of the construction, and the finish will be beautiful. Woodgrain means that your door will look unique and will have its own appearance, so you probably won’t want to paint it – you will want to make the most of the look and feel of the wood, so you can enjoy all that it has to offer. There are different types of wood you can choose from, like oak and cedar, that will give you different appearances – choose based on personal preference.

Keeping your Garage Conversion Light Enough

A garage conversion is a type of structure that should have plenty of natural light inside, in order to make it feel like an integral part of the home. If you want it to blend in and to really feel like it belongs, then one of the easiest ways of doing this is by bringing in enough light – and making sure that the surrounding parts of your property also have enough natural light in them as well, so as to make it seem as one.

Using rooflights is a good way of bringing the outdoors indoors, in the most clever of ways. You won’t lose valuable wall space from having extra windows installed, and you can actually bring more light into your garage with the use of a rooflight than you can even with multiple vertical windows. Choose rooflights with a good surface area and position them where you need the light the most, for maximum effect.

Do You Need Planning Permission for a Garage Conversion?

It is possible that you might need planning permission is you are going to use your garage for a different purpose. This change in purpose might necessitate you having different plans for your garage, and getting the purpose of it changed on the deeds. However, this is different to actual planning permission as you will not actually be building onto your garage, just changing its structure. 

However, you do not want to risk having a garage that does not meet with regulations. It is always best to check with your solicitor to make sure you are doing everything above board and to the right plans. If you are going to be extending your garage at all or changing its footprint, even if it is just to join it up to your house, then you will need to ensure you have the right planning permission in place before any building work goes ahead. 

Where to Begin with a Garage Conversion

A garage conversion is a big project – there’s no hiding from this fact. It’s reassuring to know where to start when taking on a project on such a large scale, so you can really get to grips with the timings and what to expect from it. Here is a brief guide to getting started with your conversion project:

  • Put some real thought into how you will use your garage. Come up with ideas, so you know the project will be worth the time and money.
  • Consult with an architect. They will tell you if your garage is structurally sound, and whether you can achieve your ambitions with the space. They can then make drawings to detail the conversion project.
  • Obtain planning permission. Your architect will be able to help you whilst going through this process.
  • Enlist a conversion or renovation company. They will carry out the building work, as per your architect’s drawings.

Is a Timber Garage Door Right for you?

Timber is undoubtedly one of the most attractive materials that can be used for garage doors. It will make a garage stand out and will help complement its surroundings, making it look less like a garage and more like a part of the home. In this sense, it is one of the best choices a homeowner can make when deciding on their preferred type of garage door.

There are some negatives that need to be taken into consideration as well. If you want a door that is as long lasting and robust as possible, timber might not be for you. That’s not to say that timber isn’t strong – it should last a number of years. It just isn’t as strong as other materials like metals, so you need to take this into consideration.

For the homeowner who loves the external appearance of their property, timber is the perfect garage door material. Choose from a good brand and quality supplier.

Do New Garage Doors Need to be Expensive?

One of the best things about buying a garage door is that it can basically cost as much or as little as you would like it to. There are many different garage door types that you can choose from so depending on the budget you have set yourself, you will have plenty of options at various different price points.

If you don’t want to spend much money on your garage door, choose the up and over style. This is the most basic and it is manually operated, meaning that it will be an inexpensive product for people on a budget. A good quality up-and-over door can last you a very long time though it may need some maintenance every once in a while.

If you have a little bit more to spend and you are looking for convenience, you can choose something like a roller shutter or sectional door. They will fit perfectly and can also be automated, meaning you can open them at the touch of a button.

Is a Garage Important for your Home?

Everybody has different expectations about their home and what it should include. If you have a lovely car, need to store lots of equipment or simply want some more space, it might be that a garage is something that is important to you. Equally, you might not even have thought about it. Here are some things to think about if you’re wandering whether a garage should be on your ‘essential’ list:

  • Do you have somewhere else to park your car? If your home comes with a drive or designated parking space, a garage may be less of a necessity. A garage can still help to keep your car safe though, and may even cut the price of your insurance.
  • Do you have the money to spend on it? A garage will inevitably need some looking after. Doors will need replacing over time, which can be costly. However, if you don’t replace the doors, you could be in danger of people breaking into your property, so it’s essential that parts like this are in good working order. You may also need to carry out maintenance on the brickwork, the insulation or electrics. Consider whether this will be practical for you.
  • Do you need a lot of storage? Many people will have items like bikes, furniture and boxes that they need to store, so a garage can be a good option if this is the case. You don’t want it to be cluttering up your home. The only danger is that you might begin to accumulate more and more objects, so be careful not to hoarde!
  • Would you consider a garage conversion? If you are planning to start a family, or just if you want more space in the future, a garage conversion can significantly increase the footprint of your home. Get a garage now, and what you do with it in future is up to you.

Selecting the Right Type of Door for your Garage

The garage door is an essential component of your garage and you will need to choose the correct type in order to get the most out of your space. There are four main types of garaggoal-49610_1280e door, all of which come with their own distinct benefits. Here is a quick guide to the different kinds of garage door that are on the market:

Up and Over Garage Doors

This is by far the most cheap and cheerful design you will find. The main benefits are the low cost and the fact that it is easy to install – many people will be able to do this them256px-garage_door_sliding_upselves. You will also be able to get some very attractive options in timber and white, as these are very popular colours for these kinds of doors.

Sectional Garage Doors

These doors are made up of a number of panels and open horizontally to save space. They will be much more expensive than an up and over design but the benefits are manifold. You will be able to enjoy added security and incredibly good insulation if you choose one of these doors, as well as electric opening for added convenience.

Roller Garage Doorsoak_sectional_garage_door_with_wireless_remote_control_opening

You can get these doors to fit into even the most awkwardly-sized space, as they are usually made to order. The design features a roller that can be operated manually or electrically. Again, this is a very efficient space-saving option due to the vertical opening.

Side Hinged Garage Doors

For people seeking out the beautiful, traditional look, this garage door is for you. Often selected in wooden designs, these doors open outwards like a barn door. These are ideal for people who are using their garage to store items, or for people who use the garage as an extra part of their home.

As yougarage-door-553458_1280 can see, each garage door type comes with its own advantages. Select the one that most matches your needs and you will soon be enjoying all the benefits of a brand new garage door.

Making Your Garage into a Usable Space

If you are lucky enough to have a garage on your property, you will want to make the most of the space. People use garages for so many different things now – as an extra living room, as a bedroom, as a granny annex, for extra storage, for keeping a car safe – so the key is finding the most useful way for you to use it. Here are some of the things you can do to make sure the space suits you and your lifestyle:

  • Install a new door. This has many benefits, some of which are very important. A new door helps to make your garage and its contents secure, and it will also Wooden garage door blue in Karlskrona, Swedenimprove the insulation to make your whole garage more thermally efficient. Safety especially isn’t something that should be overlooked, so choose a sturdy and well-made door that uses the latest security methods. If you select a door with an opener, make sure this can only be opened by certain people. You will also be able to select an attractive door that complements you property.
  • Waterproof your garage. This means you will be able to keep more items in it without worrying about damp and rot. This is ideal if you tend to use your garage as a storage space rather than as somewhere to keep vehicles.
  • Move your appliances outdoors. This will help to free up space indoors and prevent condensation from things like tumble dryers. Just make sure that your garage is fully waterproof and has good electrics installed.
  • Convert your garage into part of your home. This can work whether the garage is part of the house or is a separate structure. Consult with a professional to find out about the requirements and make sure you have the correct planning permission.
  • Rent the space out. If you don’t use the garage yourself, there will be many people who will! Advertise it online and you should be able to get a good price for the space. If your garage is a decent size and you’re not using all of the space, you could always rent out part of it. If people want to store things like bikes and furniture, they probably wouldn’t want to splash out on a full garage, so this could be the perfect solution.

Garages are a popular commodity that you should make the most of. Follow these tips to really begin using your garage to improve your living space and complement your lifestyle.

Garage Conversions

Garage Conversions

We can help you convert a garage into a living room and offer execellent resources and advice on house extensions.

Convert a garage into a living room.

If you are looking to add value to your home, then converting your garage or one of your spare garages into a habitable room, is a great alternative to moving house or converting a loft.

If you are looking to take advantage of that spare or empty, unused garage, or to improve your garage we’ve got all the information you need.