7 Reasons Why Standalone Wood Burning Stoves Are The Future Of Home Heating

UK winters can be brutal and this makes investing in heating systems more of a necessity than a luxury. Whether it is a traditional fireplace and chimney or a more modern gas burner, the warmth provided is no doubt a great relief. One of the newest designs on the market is that of stand alone wood burning stoves. These combine features of traditional fireplaces with more modern stoves allowing the homeowner to enjoy the best of both worlds. Below are 7 reasons why these burners are truly the future of home heating solutions. 

1. Wood is more cost effective

If you wish to save an extra pound or two, then wood burners are the way to go. When compared to other heating fuels like gas and oil, wood is a lot cheaper. Furthermore, you get to enjoy just as much heat output if not more making the investment a lot more cost efficient for you as the homeowner.

2. The stoves are eco-friendly

Wood is a negative carbon fuel which means that it does not release excess carbon dioxide when used as fuel. In a world where going green is all the rage, investing in such stoves helps to ensure that you comply with the environmental conservation requirements.

3. Their design ensures production of more heat with less fuel

This is one of the main advantages that standalone wood burning stoves afford homeowners over traditional fireplaces. The enclosed design ensures that there is no heat lost unnecessarily. That way, you get more heating with much less fuel.

4. Wood is renewable thus ensuring sustainability

More often than not, wood sold for use in wood burning stoves is from trees that are then replanted to ensure continuous supply. As a result of the reforestation activity, homeowners are ensured sustainable fuel with no risk of exhausting the source. With oil and gas on the other hand, there is no guarantee of sustainability as the fuels are non-renewable.

5. Standalone stoves eliminate indoor pollution by smoke

The enclosed design also serves the purpose of minimizing indoor population. Brands and models including Aarrow Stoves feature clear peep-through windows that allow you to monitor activity within the burner. That way, you get to see what is going on without having to open the burner and release smoke into the room.

6. The stoves have an additional aesthetic advantage

Wood burning stoves also have a certain undeniable charm. Whether it is a standalone detached unit or one that is built into the wall, the aesthetic appeal is definitely a major advantage. The design ensures the perfect combination of modern sophistication and vintage beauty which is ideal for most modern home décor trends.

7. They can be used to serve multiple purposes

Finally, wood stoves are worth looking out for as the future of heating on account of their multipurpose capabilities. One of the main alternative uses is water heating. This comes in handy in households where water is heated using solar panels. The stove acts as a heating substitute in absence of sufficient solar radiation during the winter. It can also be used in place of electric heating systems allowing you to save money.

Bottom line

In conclusion, wood burning stoves are without a doubt great heating solutions to consider. With their perfect combination of affordability, effectiveness and eco-friendliness, there is no denying the potential these units have. It is, therefore, safe to say that standalone wood burning stoves like Aarrow Stoves and other brands are the future of home heating.